Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The evaluate of implies miracle on truth of prophecy from point of view Muslim scholars            0000-00-00
2    survey islamic about social law    M.Sc.    zahra, bayanak    0000-00-00
3    Study on the¬ Utility’s Place in Utilitarianism¬ and Islamic Moral teachings )¬emphasizing John Stuart Mill and Allameh Tabatabaie’¬s perspectives)    M.Sc.    mahshad, zohreh    2009-05-18
4    Explanation of names and attributes of God in Sahifa-e-Sajjadia    M.Sc.    Elmi rad, Fatemeh    2010-02-11
5    Examination of the language of religion in view of Sohravardi and Wittgenstein    M.Sc.    mahmoodzade, fateme    2010-02-22
6    A Study about on conclotions of the solitude Selfs and critic of deniers    M.Sc.    hoseinpoor, rasool    2010-02-23
7    Humanism and Islam    M.Sc.    mohammadi, somaiih    2010-04-29
8    Comparetiv study of Negative theology between Ghazi Saeed-e Qomi and plotinus    M.Sc.    estesnaei, fateme    2010-05-25
9    Theological-ethical issues in genetics structure solstice    Ph.D    Niroomand, Reza    2010-06-02
10    The comparative study of views of Allame Tabatabaee and Soren Kierkegaard on the meaning of life.    Ph.D    najafi, moslem    2010-12-07
11    phenomenological investigation of fundamentality of sensation in Ibn Arabi \\\\    M.Sc.    Sadafi, Mahdi    2010-12-14
12    Sources of the Imam Knowledge in the Qur'an and Sunnah    Ph.D    mohammadzadeh, alham    2010-12-18
13    The Influence of Mystical Ideas on Causality in the Transcendental Theosophy    M.Sc.    Moosavi, Raheleh    2010-12-21
14    Comparative study of parapsychological data in the Field of science and mysticism    Ph.D    farzali, fatemeh    2011-01-03
15    the place of reason in religion    M.Sc.    mashhadi, toktam    2011-01-30
16    relationship between knowledge and existence    M.Sc.    Foroughi, Mohammad    2011-03-01
17    Fayze Kashani and Allame Tabatabaies viewpoints on the relation of Reason and Religion    M.Sc.    effati, hasan    2011-03-16
18    a study on the principle homogeniety cause and effect in the view point of peripatietics illuminationist and transcendental philosophy    M.Sc.    kushkaki, javad    2011-03-16
19    Explanation and Necessity of Resurrection and the Study of Doubt from the Views of Muslim Theologians    M.Sc.    azadmoqhaddam, zaynab    2011-04-19
20    salvation from point view of Molla- Sadra    Ph.D    zangooei, ali    2011-05-22
21    place of reason in religious knowledge frome the viewpoint of Mirza Mahdei Gharavi Esfahani    M.Sc.    khazaei, mohammad    2011-07-12
22    The role of reason and imagination in artistic creation From the perspective of Islamic theosophers    M.Sc.    khanjarfalak, elaheh    2011-12-13
23    Philosophical Explanation of ‘Sustenance’ and its Relation with Human Being Achievement to Supreme Felicity    M.Sc.    ghomi, mohammad    2012-01-21
24    Examine the views of Muslim scholars concering the theory of evolution compatible with the religious texts.    M.Sc.    salahshur sefidsangi, zohre    2012-02-28
25    Criterion of Islam legitimacy (with emphasis on intellectual aspect)    M.Sc.    Miri, Azam    2012-03-06
26    Place and Credibility of Tradition in Religions Studies    M.Sc.    varaste, arefe    2012-03-06
27    A Critical study of the Tradition on Exggeration    M.Sc.    zendehdel toroghi, faezeh    2012-03-06
28    wali and sainthood in mathnavi    M.Sc.    SAADI, EBRAHIM    2012-03-13
29    Guidance and Misguidance in Transcendantal Theosophy andImamit’s Theology in Comparison with Quran and Traditions    M.Sc.    HOSSEINI, SEYEDEH NAFISEH    2012-04-27
30    Philosophical and Thelogical Study of Verses and Traditions on Provision    M.Sc.    bayat, masume    2012-05-08
31    The philosophy of attentiveness in Islamic mysticism and comparing it with the philosophy of meditation at mystical schools of India    M.Sc.    modarresi, hojjat    2012-05-15
32    the Study of Justice and Mercy of God and its outcomes    M.Sc.    pordeli, hakime    2012-05-22
33    the argument for the necessity of divine appointment of IMAM    M.Sc.    tahrirchi, nafise    2012-05-29
34    review Of the mulla Shamsa Gilani questions and mulla sadra shirazi answers    M.Sc.    mahdavin delavari, mortezs    2012-06-14
35    Relation of Religious Experience with Proof of God    M.Sc.    Armakan, Zainab    2012-09-25
36    Explain How the Human Talents to Be Actualized and the Evolution of the Human Population after Death    Ph.D    tavakoli, najme sadat    2012-10-15
37    Clarifying the Origin of the Revelations Meaning and Term according to Philosophers and Theologians.    M.Sc.    Davari nasab, Hosnieh    2012-10-16
38    Superiority of Imam Ali (pbuh) and its Theological results    M.Sc.    attarzadeh fadaki, zahra    2012-10-16
39    fear and hope in intellect and narrative    M.Sc.    kamali, marzieh    2012-10-23
40    The correlation between Inner Knowledge and Theological Knowledge in the opinion of the great Scholar Tabatabaee    Ph.D    saeedi, hammid reza    2012-11-06
41    Problem of evil views of Sadr al_Muta allihin and Augustin    M.Sc.    darabi, kokab    2012-11-13
42    Substatial Motion and It's Proofs and It's Objections    M.Sc.    ABHARI, ALI    2013-01-01
43    Appearance and Development of SHite Theology in progressives of Imams until Imam kazem    M.Sc.    kargar, akram    2013-01-28
44    Angels in Islam and their Comparison with the Incorporeal in Islamic Philosophy    M.Sc.    Rastin Toroghi, Amir    2013-03-26
45    The mainstream of Ibn Al-Arabi,Ibn Taimiyeh and Al-Gazel's Thinking opposition to Philosophy    M.Sc.    rezaeizadeh zangiabadi, asma    2013-04-30
46    Destiny and the effect of prayer on it from mulla sadra and allameh tabatabai point of view    M.Sc.    alipoormajlesi, najmeh    2013-05-21
47    The study of mollasadra and allame tabatabei about degrees god s active knowledg    Ph.D    vatandoost haghighi marand, mohamma dali    2013-06-10
48    The Study of Unity of Being from the view Point of Molla Sadra and some Philosophers of Shiraz school (Jalal al Din Dawani and Ghias al Din Dashtaki )    Ph.D    zare, elahe    2013-06-11
49    Evaluation narrative: If someone dies and dose not recognizing the Imam of his time, is dead in blasphemy    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh, faezeh    2013-09-17
50    Mullasadra`s Epistemology With attention to his opinion about Active Intellect & Horizental Intellect    M.Sc.    nik nezam, zahra    2013-09-24
51    The rule of knowledge in growth of human soul in view of transcendental theosophy    Ph.D    pishbin, azam sadat    2013-11-17
52    A study on involuntary factors in development of human\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s character and his end from the viewpoint of Quran and traditions    M.Sc.    Rahimpour, Ehsan    2013-11-21
53    The Simplicity of Soul and The Consequences of It in Hekmat-e- Motaaliyeh    Ph.D    mardiha, Azam    2013-11-24
54    Philosophical analysis of Emam Reza,s dialogues    M.Sc.    Roodi, Masoomeh    2014-01-04
55    Examination of light truth in Eshraq wisdom and its relation with essence and existence in transcendental wisdom    Ph.D    sadatizadeh, seyed sajad    2014-01-05
56    The relation between Reason and Religion from Muhammad ibn zakariya al -razi`s view    M.Sc.    bakafayat, Abdollah    2014-01-07
57    Analysis of theistic reasons in abuhamzeh prayer and jame,e kabireh pilgrimage    M.Sc.    hatami yazd, azadeh    2014-01-07
58    roots of basics of Transcendent Wisdom in the thought of Avicennan    Ph.D    momeni, mostafa    2014-01-12
59    The Ontology and Epistemology of Immunity in Quran and Traditions    M.Sc.    Afkhami roshkhari, Atefe    2014-01-14
60    The Relationship between The Soul and the supreme principles of being , and the way of accurrence of In tellectual Forms according to Mulla Sadra    M.Sc.    Hajiniya, zahra    2014-01-14
61    The analytic examination of‭ “‬the existence and identity of a self across time‭” ‬in Mulla Sadra thoughts with‭ ‬comparity‭ ‬to John Searle.    Ph.D    assadi, hossein    2014-01-28
62    Dissertation: The explanation of Reasonable Monotheism In Imam Sadeq’s Tradition    M.Sc.    omid khoda, seyyede fahime    2014-02-04
63    Illuminated background of Sadraee wisdom in Universe far (detached world of ideas, world of ideas, self) with an emphasis on Suhrawardi’s ideas    Ph.D    vahdatipour, mahboobeh    2014-02-18
64    Principles and outcomes of mulla sadras theology in the areas of identification and proofs of God.    Ph.D    zeynali, ruholla    2014-02-19
65    Philosophycall & theologicall explanation of right & righousness in quran    M.Sc.    Tavana, Effat    2014-02-25
66    The Survey of Metaphorical Interpretation Theory    Ph.D    Hosseini Zeidi, Seyed Abolghassem    2014-02-26
67    The Truth of Knowledge, Faith and Practice from the Viewpoints of Martyr Motahhari, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli and Ayatollah Sobhani    M.Sc.    karimi hosain abad, parisa    2014-03-04
68    secularism at the point of view of kant and molasadra    M.Sc.    Alagheband Hosseini, Seyyedeh Fatemeh    2014-03-11
69    The truth of servitude to Allah and its speculative principles , and practical corrolarys.    M.Sc.    moshrefi, maliheh    2014-03-11
70    glorification of beings from the prespective of quran, traditions and transcendental theosophy    M.Sc.    hammami, samaneh    2014-03-18
71    Sin from the point of view of Wisdom, Quran, Traditions    M.Sc.    alereza, asiyeh    2014-04-29
72    The influence of love and cordiality to prophet's family in the evolutinal travelling of human in the intellect and tradision view    M.Sc.    Sadat fatemi, Fatemeh Sadat    2014-04-29
73    Imam Reza debates with Solomon Marvazi of the philosophical views    M.Sc.    maleki, nafiseh    2014-05-06
74    Philosophical, theological and mystical explanation of the holy saying    M.Sc.    javareshkian, zahra    2014-05-06
75    : Immaterial and non immaterial from view of Islamic philosophers (ibn sina, suhrawardi, mulla sadra    Ph.D    ranjbarzadeh, farzaneh    2014-05-19
76    A Sadraic resurrection record in Ibn-Arabi mysticism    Ph.D    nezakati ali asghari, mahdie    2014-06-02
77    Atom and its implications and results    M.Sc.    Kazemi nia, narges    2014-06-03
78    form and its implications in islamic philosophy    M.Sc.    Arfand, Firooze    2014-06-03
79    the theological Study of Imam Ali's (peace be upon him) generosities & super natural events.    M.Sc.    salehi, fatemeh    2014-06-03
80    the study of philosophers and theologians view points about necessity of religion.    M.Sc.    hamrahi, somayeh    2014-06-07
81    The explanation theory of being discovered of knowledge in Transcendent Theosophy and its results and necessities    Ph.D    khademi, manoochehr    2014-06-23
82    Assess the occurrence of the argument in the proof of God's existence    M.Sc.    mehrisalami, mahdi    2014-06-24
83    A Study on vision issue from the perspective of Ibn Arabin and Sankara and explanation of it,s ontological and epistemological requirements    Ph.D    eskandari, zahra    2014-08-23
84    The Emergence of the Multiple from the One according to Ibnsina,Sohrevardi,and Mulla Sadra    M.Sc.    rostami, ali    2014-09-16
85    cognitive authority of commander of the faithful for muslims.    M.Sc.    ayazi, seyede mohadese    2014-10-14
86    Sadraee's Wisdom Exit of Ontology Dilemmas of Avicennian Wisdom    Ph.D    abedini kordekheili, feyzollah    2014-10-15
87    study of the unity of gradation and the unity of being and the Distinctions between them in alhikmat almutaalyah    Ph.D    shariatnejad, MOHAMMAD HASSAN    2014-10-20
88    natural human rights from the perspective of Molla sadra and its fundamentals    Ph.D    yazdanbakhsh, aliasghar    2014-11-08
89    The analysis critical of magic, from the perspective of transcendental wisdom, Islamic philosophers and the teachings of Islam    Ph.D    salari, mohammad    2014-11-10
90    Sublimity of the soul of Mulla Sadra and Imam Khomeini    M.Sc.    nobakht, fateme sadat    2014-11-11
91    The role of nature in epistemology and its accessories in Transcendental wisdom    Ph.D    jahan, ali    2014-11-24
92    The transcendent Wisdom on creativity of soul    Ph.D    estesnaee, fatemeh    2014-12-01
93    Status of epistemological of Introspection in Molla-Sadra and Ibn-Sina    Ph.D    azizian mosleh, meysam    2015-01-20
94    A Comparative Study of Mulla Sadra's Ideas on wolitionl of god with Narratives    Ph.D    aghahoseini, mohamadhasan    2015-02-01
95    Imam’s knowledge & its relation to his other attributes (Innocence, Genetical authority, Interpretation of religious law )    M.Sc.    zolfaqari, reyhaneh    2015-02-17
96    Philosophical Interpretation of the vers ;Enna lelllah va enna elaihe rajeoun.(Surely we are Allah s and to Him we shall surely return.)    M.Sc.    hesabi meybodi, zahra    2015-02-17
97    The Demandingness of Morality in Tabatabaii's Doctrine, Evaluation of Fundamentals and Viewpoints    Ph.D    Aliakbari Shandiz, Faezeh    2015-05-04
98    similarity of creator and creature in the quran and hadith and islamic philosophy    M.Sc.    Azimi, Azam    2015-05-21
99    The Philosophical, mystical and narrative foundations of the first effusion    M.Sc.    ghlizade, hamid    2015-05-26
100    Theoretical explanation of sentence for apostasy and its compatibility with human freedom from the viewpoint of the Quran and Hadiths    Ph.D    JANPOURDASHTI, MOHSEN    2015-06-22
101    : Purification of the Imagination in Mysticism and Practical Philosophy    M.Sc.    tayyeban, said behrooz    2015-10-13
102    The explanation of human's free will according to the viewpoint of transcendent philosophy (al-Hikmat al-Mota’alia) about causation    Ph.D    rastin, amir    2015-12-13
103    The position of Self-Knowledge in the System of Religious Knowledge in the Mulla- Sadra Transcendental Wisdom    Ph.D    azodinia, tahereh    2015-12-13
104    Kierkegaard and Hassanzadeh Amoly on Self Realization    M.Sc.    mohammadi, sima    2015-12-22
105    The study of the ways of perfection access in Transcendent philosophy & Emam Ali’s sayings (peace be upon him)    M.Sc.    mahdizadehlotfabadi, elisa    2015-12-22
106    Similarities and differences between Mulla Sadra and Heidegger's philosophical approaches    Ph.D    ghahremani fard, mohammad taghi    2015-12-27
107    The aseity attribute of God in Quran and transcendent wisdom    Ph.D    poorafghani khabisi, azime    2016-01-03
108    Study of the difference in the insight of Mulla Sadra and Allameh Tabatabai concerning the identity of subject and object and its outcomes    Ph.D    MOEINADDINI, FATEMEH    2016-01-03
109    Semantics of Shafaat in the Quran and drawing its semantic fields .    Ph.D    hasanzadeh, mahdi    2016-01-10
110    Compare the mechanism of appearance knowledge in peripatetic philosophy and illumination philosophy and transcendent philosophy    M.Sc.    davtalabmaiani, safoora    2016-05-24
111    Theological Analysis views in the bodily resurrection tafkikian    Ph.D    jafarifar, mahdi    2016-06-11
112    the basis principles and implications of divine word on transcendent Wisdom    M.Sc.    Alizade moghadam, VAHIDE    2016-06-12
113    The relation between Reason and Religion from Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and and Abdolkarim Soroush viewpoints    M.Sc.    daraby, maryam    2016-06-12
114    Review and review the philosophical secularization of religion and its verbal contexts    M.Sc.    golmakani, seydeh zahra    2016-10-18
115    Substancial movement in mullasadra    Ph.D    talebi, fatemehkobra    2016-12-10
116    Mulla Sadra & Heidegger On Knowledge    Ph.D    Parsa, Hossein    2016-12-20
117    A study of philosophical opinions of theosopher Molla Rajabali Tabrizi    Ph.D    azadmoghadam, zeinab    2017-02-12
118    Analysis of basics of religious art along the presentation of modern thought in forming the philosophic essense of script    Ph.D    ohadi, zabihollah    2017-02-28
119    The comparative study of Mulla Sadra's philosophy and Interpretations such as al-Safi, al-Mizan, Tasnim about The truth of perceptiona and his making process.    Ph.D    sari arefi, masoomeh sadat    2017-03-05
120    The impact of Mahdism belief in giving meaning to human life    M.Sc.    ghaviheikal, atefeh    2017-03-14
121    Political life style and its Theoretical foundations according to Imam Khomeini    Ph.D    onvani, seid hamed    2017-05-03
122    The body and its usages and its relation to the soul    M.Sc.    tayeban, shivasadat    2017-05-09
123    The Nature, Frequency, Equipment and Artifacts associated with death in Transcendental philosophy    M.Sc.    kazemzadehkalatejafarabad, fatemeh    2017-05-09
124    The Position of Reason in Allameh Tabatabai and Kant’s Ethical System    Ph.D    ghollasi, maryam    2017-10-22
125    Explaining of Pleasure on Sadrā Principles and the Evidences of Quran and Traditions    Ph.D    Elahi Khorassani, Nafiseh    2017-11-22
126    Extraction of Opinions of Mullah Sadra's Cognitive Psychology and Comparing it with the Gestalt School    Ph.D    shayesteh, reyhaneh    2017-11-26
127    The role of self-knowlege on the course of human evolution according to the Transcendental wisdom and verses and narrations    M.Sc.    dordane saghoni, masomeh    2017-12-05
128    Guardianship from the viewpoint of Hasanzadeh Amoli and its conformity with Quran and traditions    M.Sc.    porjam, mahnaz    2017-12-19
129    Philosophic analysis of healthness in Mollasadra's view    Ph.D    Roodi, Masoumeh    2018-02-27
130    A critical examination of traditional and non-traditional views of hell in analytic philosophical theology    M.Sc.    sharifzadeh, farzad    2018-03-13
131    Virtues and Vices in Transcendental Wisdom    Ph.D    farashiani, hossein    2018-04-10
132    Examination of evidences of rationalism in the chapter of “Intellect and Ignorance” of sheikh Kolini ‘s Osul Alkafi and Its compresence with Fideism.    M.Sc.    delkhosh, khadije    2018-04-22
133    mulla sadra and plato on love    M.Sc.    golstaneh, farhad    2018-05-15