Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The evaluate of implies miracle on truth of prophecy from point of view Muslim scholars            0000-00-00
2    survey islamic about social law    M.Sc.    zahra, bayanak    0000-00-00
3    Study on the¬ Utility’s Place in Utilitarianism¬ and Islamic Moral teachings )¬emphasizing John Stuart Mill and Allameh Tabatabaie’¬s perspectives)    M.Sc.    mahshad, zohreh    2009-05-18
4    Explanation of names and attributes of God in Sahifa-e-Sajjadia    M.Sc.    Elmi rad, Fatemeh    2010-02-11
5    Examination of the language of religion in view of Sohravardi and Wittgenstein    M.Sc.    mahmoodzade, fateme    2010-02-22
6    A Study about on conclotions of the solitude Selfs and critic of deniers    M.Sc.    hoseinpoor, rasool    2010-02-23
7    Humanism and Islam    M.Sc.    mohammadi, somaiih    2010-04-29
8    Comparetiv study of Negative theology between Ghazi Saeed-e Qomi and plotinus    M.Sc.    estesnaei, fateme    2010-05-25
9    Theological-ethical issues in genetics structure solstice    Ph.D    Niroomand, Reza    2010-06-02
10    The comparative study of views of Allame Tabatabaee and Soren Kierkegaard on the meaning of life.    Ph.D    najafi, moslem    2010-12-07
11    phenomenological investigation of fundamentality of sensation in Ibn Arabi \\\\    M.Sc.    Sadafi, Mahdi    2010-12-14
12    Sources of the Imam Knowledge in the Qur'an and Sunnah    Ph.D    mohammadzadeh, alham    2010-12-18
13    The Influence of Mystical Ideas on Causality in the Transcendental Theosophy    M.Sc.    Moosavi, Raheleh    2010-12-21
14    Comparative study of parapsychological data in the Field of science and mysticism    Ph.D    farzali, fatemeh    2011-01-03
15    the place of reason in religion    M.Sc.    mashhadi, toktam    2011-01-30
16    relationship between knowledge and existence    M.Sc.    Foroughi, Mohammad    2011-03-01
17    Fayze Kashani and Allame Tabatabaies viewpoints on the relation of Reason and Religion    M.Sc.    effati, hasan    2011-03-16
18    a study on the principle homogeniety cause and effect in the view point of peripatietics illuminationist and transcendental philosophy    M.Sc.    kushkaki, javad    2011-03-16
19    Explanation and Necessity of Resurrection and the Study of Doubt from the Views of Muslim Theologians    M.Sc.    azadmoqhaddam, zaynab    2011-04-19
20    salvation from point view of Molla- Sadra    Ph.D    zangooei, ali    2011-05-22
21    place of reason in religious knowledge frome the viewpoint of Mirza Mahdei Gharavi Esfahani    M.Sc.    khazaei, mohammad    2011-07-12
22    The role of reason and imagination in artistic creation From the perspective of Islamic theosophers    M.Sc.    khanjarfalak, elaheh    2011-12-13
23    Philosophical Explanation of ‘Sustenance’ and its Relation with Human Being Achievement to Supreme Felicity    M.Sc.    ghomi, mohammad    2012-01-21
24    Examine the views of Muslim scholars concering the theory of evolution compatible with the religious texts.    M.Sc.    salahshur sefidsangi, zohre    2012-02-28
25    Criterion of Islam legitimacy (with emphasis on intellectual aspect)    M.Sc.    Miri, Azam    2012-03-06
26    Place and Credibility of Tradition in Religions Studies    M.Sc.    varaste, arefe    2012-03-06
27    A Critical study of the Tradition on Exggeration    M.Sc.    zendehdel toroghi, faezeh    2012-03-06
28    wali and sainthood in mathnavi    M.Sc.    SAADI, EBRAHIM    2012-03-13
29    Guidance and Misguidance in Transcendantal Theosophy andImamit’s Theology in Comparison with Quran and Traditions    M.Sc.    HOSSEINI, SEYEDEH NAFISEH    2012-04-27
30    Philosophical and Thelogical Study of Verses and Traditions on Provision    M.Sc.    bayat, masume    2012-05-08
31    The philosophy of attentiveness in Islamic mysticism and comparing it with the philosophy of meditation at mystical schools of India    M.Sc.    modarresi, hojjat    2012-05-15
32    the Study of Justice and Mercy of God and its outcomes    M.Sc.    pordeli, hakime    2012-05-22
33    the argument for the necessity of divine appointment of IMAM    M.Sc.    tahrirchi, nafise    2012-05-29
34    review Of the mulla Shamsa Gilani questions and mulla sadra shirazi answers    M.Sc.    mahdavin delavari, mortezs    2012-06-14
35    Relation of Religious Experience with Proof of God    M.Sc.    Armakan, Zainab    2012-09-25
36    Explain How the Human Talents to Be Actualized and the Evolution of the Human Population after Death    Ph.D    tavakoli, najme sadat    2012-10-15
37    Clarifying the Origin of the Revelations Meaning and Term according to Philosophers and Theologians.    M.Sc.    Davari nasab, Hosnieh    2012-10-16
38    Superiority of Imam Ali (pbuh) and its Theological results    M.Sc.    attarzadeh fadaki, zahra    2012-10-16
39    fear and hope in intellect and narrative    M.Sc.    kamali, marzieh    2012-10-23
40    The correlation between Inner Knowledge and Theological Knowledge in the opinion of the great Scholar Tabatabaee    Ph.D    saeedi, hammid reza    2012-11-06
41    Problem of evil views of Sadr al_Muta allihin and Augustin    M.Sc.    darabi, kokab    2012-11-13
42    Substatial Motion and It's Proofs and It's Objections    M.Sc.    ABHARI, ALI    2013-01-01
43    Appearance and Development of SHite Theology in progressives of Imams until Imam kazem    M.Sc.    kargar, akram    2013-01-28
44    Angels in Islam and their Comparison with the Incorporeal in Islamic Philosophy    M.Sc.    Rastin Toroghi, Amir    2013-03-26
45    The mainstream of Ibn Al-Arabi,Ibn Taimiyeh and Al-Gazel's Thinking opposition to Philosophy    M.Sc.    rezaeizadeh zangiabadi, asma    2013-04-30
46    Destiny and the effect of prayer on it from mulla sadra and allameh tabatabai point of view    M.Sc.    alipoormajlesi, najmeh    2013-05-21
47    The study of mollasadra and allame tabatabei about degrees god s active knowledg    Ph.D    vatandoost haghighi marand, mohamma dali    2013-06-10
48    The Relation between the Transcendent Theosophy and the Ideas of the Philosophers of the School of Shiraz on the Bing (Sadr al Din Dashtaki, Ghias al Din Dashtaki, Jalal al Din Dawwani, Mohaghegh Khafri)    Ph.D    zare, elahe    2013-06-11
49    Evaluation narrative: If someone dies and dose not recognizing the Imam of his time, is dead in blasphemy    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh, faezeh    2013-09-17
50    Mullasadra`s Epistemology With attention to his opinion about Active Intellect & Horizental Intellect    M.Sc.    nik nezam, zahra    2013-09-24
51    The rule of knowledge in growth of human soul in view of transcendental theosophy    Ph.D    pishbin, azam sadat    2013-11-17
52    A study on involuntary factors in development of human\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s character and his end from the viewpoint of Quran and traditions    M.Sc.    Rahimpour, Ehsan    2013-11-21
53    The Simplicity of Soul and The Consequences of It in Hekmat-e- Motaaliyeh    Ph.D    mardihadorcheh, Azam    2013-11-24
54    Philosophical analysis of Emam Reza,s dialogues    M.Sc.    Roodi, Masoomeh    2014-01-04
55    Examination of light truth in Eshraq wisdom and its relation with essence and existence in transcendental wisdom    Ph.D    sadatizadeh, seyed sajad    2014-01-05
56    The relation between Reason and Religion from Muhammad ibn zakariya al -razi`s view    M.Sc.    bakafayat, Abdollah    2014-01-07
57    Analysis of theistic reasons in abuhamzeh prayer and jame,e kabireh pilgrimage    M.Sc.    hatami yazd, azadeh    2014-01-07
58    roots of basics of Transcendent Wisdom in the thought of Avicennan    Ph.D    momeni, mostafa    2014-01-12
59    The Ontology and Epistemology of Immunity in Quran and Traditions    M.Sc.    Afkhami roshkhari, Atefe    2014-01-14
60    The Relationship between The Soul and the supreme principles of being , and the way of accurrence of In tellectual Forms according to Mulla Sadra    M.Sc.    Hajiniya, zahra    2014-01-14
61    The analytic examination of‭ “‬the existence and identity of a self across time‭” ‬in Mulla Sadra thoughts with‭ ‬comparity‭ ‬to John Searle.    Ph.D    assadi, hossein    2014-01-28
62    Dissertation: The explanation of Reasonable Monotheism In Imam Sadeq’s Tradition    M.Sc.    omid khoda, seyyede fahime    2014-02-04
63    Illuminated background of Sadraee wisdom in Univese far (with an emphasis on Suhrawardi’s ideas)    Ph.D    vahdatipour, mahboobeh    2014-02-18
64    Principles and outcomes of mulla sadras theology in the areas of identification and proofs of God.    Ph.D    zeynali, ruholla    2014-02-19
65    Philosophycall & theologicall explanation of right & righousness in quran    M.Sc.    Tavana, Effat    2014-02-25
66    The Survey of Metaphorical Interpretation Theory    Ph.D    Hosseini Zeidi, Seyed Abolghassem    2014-02-26
67    the velationship between science,faith and practice according to Motahari JavadiAmeli and JafarSobhani    M.Sc.    karimi hosain abad, parisa    2014-03-04
68    secularism at the point of view of kant and molasadra    M.Sc.    Alagheband Hosseini, Seyyedeh Fatemeh    2014-03-11
69    The truth of servitude to Allah and its speculative principles , and practical corrolarys.    M.Sc.    moshrefi, maliheh    2014-03-11
70    glorification of beings from the prespective of quran, traditions and transcendental theosophy    M.Sc.    hammami, samaneh    2014-03-18
71    Sin from the point of view of Wisdom, Quran, Traditions    M.Sc.    alereza, asiyeh    2014-04-29
72    The influence of love and cordiality to prophet's family in the evolutinal travelling of human in the intellect and tradision view    M.Sc.    Sadat fatemi, Fatemeh Sadat    2014-04-29
73    Imam Reza debates with Solomon Marvazi of the philosophical views    M.Sc.    maleki, nafiseh    2014-05-06
74    Philosophical, theological and mystical explanation of the holy saying    M.Sc.    javareshkian, zahra    2014-05-06
75    Islamic philosophers(avicenna, suhrawardi , mulla sadra)on Immateriality and non immateriality    Ph.D    ranjbarzadeh, farzaneh    2014-05-19
76    A Sadraic resurrection record in Ibn-Arabi mysticism    Ph.D    nezakati ali asghari, mahdie    2014-06-02
77    Atom and its implications and results    M.Sc.    Kazemi nia, narges    2014-06-03
78    form and its implications in islamic philosophy    M.Sc.    Arfand, Firooze    2014-06-03
79    the theological Study of Imam Ali's (peace be upon him) generosities & super natural events.    M.Sc.    salehi, fatemeh    2014-06-03
80    the study of philosophers and theologians view points about necessity of religion.    M.Sc.    hamrahi, somayeh    2014-06-07
81    The explanation theory of being discovered of knowledge in Transcendent Theosophy and its results and necessities    Ph.D    khademi, manoochehr    2014-06-23
82    Assess the occurrence of the argument in the proof of God's existence    M.Sc.    mehrisalami, mahdi    2014-06-24
83    The Emergence of the Multiple from the One according to Ibnsina,Sohrevardi,and Mulla Sadra    M.Sc.    rostami, ali    2014-09-16
84    cognitive authority of commander of the faithful for muslims.    M.Sc.    ayazi, seyede mohadese    2014-10-14
85    Sadrian Solutions for Ontological Difficulties in Avecenna s Philosophy    Ph.D    abedini kordekheili, feyzollah    2014-10-15
86    study of the unity of gradation and the unity of being and the Distinctions between them in alhikmat almutaalyah    Ph.D    shariatnejad, MOHAMMAD HASSAN    2014-10-20
87    natural human rights from the perspective of Molla sadra and its fundamentals    Ph.D    yazdanbakhsh, aliasghar    2014-11-08
88    A critical study of the topic magic, magic , from the perspective of Transcendent Wisdom , Islamic philosophy and teachings of Islam    Ph.D    salari, mohammad    2014-11-10
89    Sublimity of the soul of Mulla Sadra and Imam Khomeini    M.Sc.    nobakht, fateme sadat    2014-11-11
90    The role of nature in epistemology and its accessories in Transcendental wisdom    Ph.D    jahan, ali    2014-11-24
91    The transcendent Wisdom on creativity of soul    Ph.D    estesnaee, fatemeh    2014-12-01
92    Status of epistemological of Introspection in Molla-Sadra and Ibn-Sina    Ph.D    azizian mosleh, meysam    2015-01-20
93    A Comparative Study of Mulla Sadra's Ideas on wolitionl of god with Narratives    Ph.D    aghahoseini, mohamadhasan    2015-02-01
94    Imam’s knowledge & its relation to his other attributes (Innocence, Genetical authority, Interpretation of religious law )    M.Sc.    zolfaqari, reyhaneh    2015-02-17
95    Philosophical Interpretation of the vers ;Enna lelllah va enna elaihe rajeoun.(Surely we are Allah s and to Him we shall surely return.)    M.Sc.    hesabi meybodi, zahra    2015-02-17
96    The Demandingness of Morality in Tabatabaii's Doctrine, Evaluation of Fundamentals and Viewpoints    Ph.D    Aliakbari Shandiz, Faezeh    2015-05-04
97    similarity of creator and creature in the quran and hadith and islamic philosophy    M.Sc.    Azimi, Azam    2015-05-21
98    The Philosophical, mystical and narrative foundations of the first effusion    M.Sc.    ghlizade, hamid    2015-05-26
99    Theoretical explanation of sentence for apostasy and its compatibility with human freedom from the viewpoint of the Quran and Hadiths    Ph.D    JANPOURDASHTI, MOHSEN    2015-06-22
100    : Purification of the Imagination in Mysticism and Practical Philosophy    M.Sc.    tayyeban, said behrooz    2015-10-13
101    The explanation of human's free will according to the viewpoint of transcendent philosophy (al-Hikmat al-Mota’alia) about causation    Ph.D    rastin, amir    2015-12-13
102    the status of self-knowledge in the order of religious knowledge from the perspective of sadraian philosophy    Ph.D    azodinia, tahereh    2015-12-13
103    Kierkegaard and Hassanzadeh Amoly on Self Realization    M.Sc.    mohammadi, sima    2015-12-22
104    The study of the ways of perfection access in Transcendent philosophy & Emam Ali’s sayings (peace be upon him)    M.Sc.    mahdizadehlotfabadi, elisa    2015-12-22
105    Similarities and differences between Mulla Sadra and Heidegger's philosophical approaches    Ph.D    ghahremani fard, mohammad taghi    2015-12-27
106    The aseity attribute of God in Quran and transcendent wisdom    Ph.D    poorafghani khabisi, azime    2016-01-03
107    Study of the difference in the insight of Mulla Sadra and Allameh Tabatabai concerning the identity of subject and object and its outcomes    Ph.D    MOEINADDINI, FATEMEH    2016-01-03
108    Semantics of Shafaat in the Quran and drawing its semantic fields .    Ph.D    hasanzadeh, mahdi    2016-01-10
109    A Comparative Study on the Mechanism of the Emerge of Knowlege in Peripatetic and Illuminationist and Transcendent Theosophy    M.Sc.    davtalabmaiani, safoora    2016-05-24
110    Theological Analysis views in the bodily resurrection tafkikian    Ph.D    jafarifar, mahdi    2016-06-11
111    the basis principles and implications of divine word on transcendent Wisdom    M.Sc.    Alizade moghadam, VAHIDE    2016-06-12
112    The relation between reason and religion from point of view of Mesbah Yazdi and Abdolkarim Soroush    M.Sc.    daraby, maryam    2016-06-12
113    Substancial movement in mullasadra    Ph.D    talebi, fatemehkobra    2016-12-10
114    Mulla Sadra & Heidegger On Knowledge    Ph.D    Parsa, Hossein    2016-12-20
115    Analysis of basics of religious art along the presentation of modern thought in forming the philosophic essense of script    Ph.D    ohadi, zabihollah    2017-02-28
116    The comparative study of Mulla Sadra's philosophy and Interpretations such as al-Safi, al-Mizan, Tasnim about The truth of perceptiona and his making process.    Ph.D    sari arefi, masoomeh sadat    2017-03-05
117    The impact of Mahdism belief in giving meaning to human life    M.Sc.    ghaviheikal, atefeh    2017-03-14
118    Political life style and its Theoretical foundations according to Imam Khomeini    Ph.D    onvani, seid hamed    2017-05-03
119    The body and its usages and its relation to the soul    M.Sc.    tayeban, shivasadat    2017-05-09
120    The Nature, Frequency, Equipment and Artifacts associated with death in Transcendental philosophy    M.Sc.    kazemzadehkalatejafarabad, fatemeh    2017-05-09